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One of our key strengths is the ability to develop tailored cost models based on programmatic and conceptual information. Drawing from staff experience and using our in-house modeling tools, we can quickly provide cost estimates and what-if-scenarios based upon your actual project, not on some idealized scheme or national average. We are constantly working to improve these processes to reflect the changing demands of our clients and the market as a whole. Our cost indices & database, regularly updated through ongoing research, ensure that pricing reflects current market conditions and enables us to quickly verify budget expectations. Why use historic data when you can have access to real time pricing?


The most effective cost management is gained through an ongoing relationship with the design team, starting at day one. We advocate a cost/quality charrette integrated with the initial programming meetings. Here we can assist in establishing realistic budget targets and highlight areas of potential monetary and schedule related risk. Our cost plan provides a basis for cost control throughout the design process. Ongoing communications regarding design evolution ensures that time is not wasted pursuing cost prohibitive options. Our proactive approach helps the design team keep within the budgetary constraints of the project.



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