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Moss Construction Cost Managment involvement was initially limited to condition assessment and analysis of apparent defects in a recent terrace and ramp addition, together with recommendations as to a course of action and expert advice as to whether damages could be sought from the designer or contractor. Subsequently, MossCost developed design solutions, cost estimates, coordinated A/E input and produced and issued bid documents compliant with state public procurement legislation. Funding restrictions dictated construction contracts be awarded prior to the year end. Allowing for Library board approvals and statutory notice periods, it was necessary to complete the design and bid package within 4 weeks.

Concurrently, the Library was acquiring a further building. At short notice, MossCost completed a condition assessment together with prioritized remediation measures and cost estimates. This assessment was used to finalize grant funding and building procurement.

 In 2006, MossCost managed the construction contract for the terrace remediation work, successfully delivering the project within very specific schedule restraints dictated by Library operations, on time and within budget. Careful budget control and constructability review allowed for the addition of snow melting features that otherwise would not have been incorporated.


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